Record all your flights and create a map of your air travel. Share it, discover the statistics referring to it as well as your ranking.

Discover all the features of the i-mymap app, including :

  • Enter and keep the history of all your flights since 1990 with dates, times, airports, but you can also add the airline, the type of plane, the flight number, seat, baggage weight and the price.
  • View your flights on a map that you can share with friends and family.
  • Access your statistics: The total distance traveled, the distance from the earth to the moon, from the earth to Mars, the total weight of your luggage in number of ducks, elephants and tyrannosaurs, the number of flights with the types of aircraft taken, the number and list of airlines used, the number and list of airports visited, the number and list of countries visited, ...
  • Access your ranking: Are you the greatest traveler in your city, in your country, in the world ?
  • And much more...


An application to find on Google Play and on the App store :